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Sandamalee (13) was raped by her father (37 years old) for the first time on 2nd September 2002. She revealed her story on 26th September 2002 when her mother caught her husband raping their daughter on the night of that fateful day. Sadamalee was raped more than 6 times, by her father, between 2nd and 26th September 2002. Sadamalee’s father was arrested after her mother lodged a complaint with the police. However, Sadamalee has been forced to quit school because she fears both her life and that of her mother.

A human rights group in Sri Lanka has been helping the family by making arrangements to ensure the family's safety and Sadamalee's return to school. However, this has not eased the fear of the mother and daughter who live in constant fear of an attack from the father. The state too has no programs to help victims of rape and ensure their protection. There is also fear that a proper investigation will not take place and the incident will die down as 'just another' instance of family trouble.   

The human rights group helping the family is demanding that the state take greater responsibility for the protection and deliver justice to Sadamalee and her family. It needs your help to ensure that Sadamalee does not get left on the sidelines as just 'another' child victim of parental rape.  

Posted on 2002-11-13

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